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We are inclusive, confident and enterprising learners who are brave, curious, optimistic and kind. We are ready to embrace the future.
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Mrs Yvonne Jones - Executive Headteacher

It is a great pleasure to welcome you, on behalf of all staff, governors, parents, and children to our school website.

At our school, we aim to provide our children with a high-quality education, by preparing and equipping them for a challenging and fast-changing world, during their time with us.

We encourage our pupils and staff to be lifelong learners and to believe that they can achieve anything they put their mind and effort into, hence our motto ‘To Strive for Excellence’.

At Hyde Park Schools, we offer our pupils and staff the opportunity to be creative, innovative, and adventurous in their approach to learning and teaching. We use approaches and strategies that value effort, perseverance, co-operation, collaboration, problem-solving and leadership skills within an inclusive, happy, and stimulating learning environment.

We place learning at the centre of our school. We aim to encourage children in their strengths, whilst supporting them to embrace new challenges.

Our school philosophy is to provide our children with the best possible all-round education in a safe caring and loving environment. We aim to create a culture where thinking and learning flourish. We hope to lay good foundations for future learning so that our children can become full and active members of society.

We also believe that a close and trusting relationship between home and school, working together at all times to promote the aims and ethos of the school, is important to the success of our pupils and the school.

Therefore, the staff and governors recognise the essential involvement of the local community and extend a sincere welcome to all interested parties

Yvonne Jones

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Emma Foster - Head of Infant School

Welcome to Hyde Park Infants School, where we are dedicated to providing high quality education, nurturing young minds and enabling all pupils to learn and grow. Our curriculum is designed to ignite the natural inquisitiveness of children, promoting a love for exploring the world around them. We encourage our learners to be brave and resilient in their exploration of knowledge and instil in them the belief that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to. At our school, kindness is the cornerstone of our community. We teach all children to be caring and inclusive while fostering an atmosphere of empathy and respect where everyone feels valued and supported.

We welcome you to become part of our vibrant school community, where the values of bravery, kindness, optimism and curiosity will shape the foundations of your child’s educational journey. Working together, we will create every opportunity for your child’s potential to flourish- enabling them to become, happy, successful lifelong learners.

Emma Foster

Head of Infant School

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Staff at Hyde Park Infant School are always delighted to welcome new pupils to join the Hyde Park family.
Please contact school admissions on 01752 307469 to check if places are available.

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Parent Comments

“Read write inc now is a well oiled machine...[my son] learns a letter a day, he comes home with a book, he can sound out the letters and words in the book, the phonics processes are ingrained in him... they’ve really got it down to a fine art, its seamless”.
Reception Parent October 2023