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Safety in the playground

The safety of children at school is of utmost importance and I am asking for your help in increasing the safety of all the children at 'vulnerable' times when the school gates are open. In the morning, the gates are open and so is the playground. Please remain with your child until the bell goes and they are collected by staff. If you see someone on the playground who is not a parent, please direct them to our reception to register their presence.

Our caretaker, Simon will be stationed in the playground near the Hyde Park Road gate at 8.55 am and will close the gate on hearing the 9 o'clock bell (for the Foundation Stage children). Please exit swiftly out of school in the mornings as the Junior gate and Infant Hermitage Road gate will be closed as soon after 9am as is practically possible. With the gates closed, we can ensure the safety of children and staff as the only way into school is via the electronic gate which is monitored by CCTV and an intercom system.

At the end of the day it is very important to exit the playground as soon as possible as delivery and staff vehicles have access to the playground. If you are waiting in school for your child to complete a school club, please ‘challenge’ anybody who may not be on the premises for legitimate reasons.

Can I reassure you that there have been no recent incidences of 'undesirable' persons on the school site but I know that this has happened in other schools and I am very keen to keep our children as safe as possible.

Please can I ask you to be vigilant in the playground and challenge any persons who you think should not be there including those who might be posing as somebody 'official' and wearing an identity badge.

Play Boat rules

  • Play sensibly in the boat
  • Have fun in the boat
  • Always use kind hands and kind feet
  • Use the entrance at the stern of the boat or the crawl hole at the bow of the boat to exit and enter
  • No running in the boat
  • No standing on the seats of the boat
  • No swinging on the roof of the cabin and certainly no climbing on the cabin roof
  • No jumping over the sides of the boat
  • No tugging or rough play with the wheel

Always make sensible choices in the boat so everybody can have fun.

If you can think of more rules to keep everybody happy and safe please let us know.